Location: Singapore

Saturday, May 21, 2011


Another long drag after I last posted. Nothing much worth mentioning. My life is still the same, a straight horizontal line in a speed/time graph.

Yeah, I am still kicking alive. Mom told me months ago that I should start exercising. So I did. She said that I should take things slow, as I had not been doing any exercise for a long time. I pay heed to her advice, and follow her instructions.

She asked me to accompany her on long walks. During the routine, she asked me to do a variation of marching. "First step, you must train your legs." Mom said, "As your blood circulation is poor, doing this exercise will be a good start to improve circulation to your legs."

Invigorated with determination, I follow through. One month passed, Mom told me I had results. My swelling locating near the ankles had visible reduction of swelling. The skin had return from a faint shade of red to natural dark color. I am elated.

Mom told me I should practice calisthenics. I follow through. I focus on stretching my upper back and legs. Two weeks passed. My shoulders had lost its stiffness. For a long time, my back feel relax instead of the usual tension. My leg muscle seem to be strengthened. It will not exhaust easily.

However, there are no significant weight loss. So I ask Mom what should I do. She said, "You should work your abdomens. Do crunches with weights on your tummy. Start small, like 10kg. Do 20 times. And that is it for the day."

So, I just started on it. I will carry on forward towards my goal. Fat loss to 85kg.